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Congratulations to Fort Collins Utilities!

Making Energy Efficient Improvements to your home is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner, but sometimes these improvements can be cost prohibitive, and inconvenient. Fortunately, your Fort Collins Utility company is here to help! Fort Collins Utilities offer inclusive rebates to help make your home more comfortable at a fraction of the market cost! This program has been so successful, in fact, that the Northern Colorado Business Report has just announced that the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project has awarded Fort Collins Utilities with the Energy Efficiency Leadership Award for its, “Highly Effective energy efficiency programs that are exceeding energy savings goals.”

In order to be eligible for the Home Energy Efficiency program, you must be a Fort Collins Utility Electric customer. You must have first completed a home energy audit. Your home must be a single-family home or a townhome. Multifamily homes are not included in the rebate program. Because home installations are NOT eligible for a rebate, all work must be completed by a city approved contractor. Improvements on new construction such as in additions or remodels, typically do not qualify for rebates, with a few exceptions. For more information about the Fort Collins Utilities rebate program, Please visit:

Or call the friendly professionals at This Efficient House to schedule and energy audit or estimate!

Home Energy Audit
A home energy audit is the best way to determine the levels of performance for your home. During the test, the building shell is examined as the technician depressurizes your home using a blower door and then walks through with an infrared camera. The blower door exagerates the leaky portions of the house, and the camera makes them visible. Qualified technicians will provide you with a report that outlines the areas of improvement that are specific to your home including reccommendations about areas of highest to lowest priority!
A home energy audit is a wonderful place to start when considering energy-efficient improvements to make to your home, and can help inform your decision making process. The home energy audit that is conducted by a city approved contractor includes a blower door test, an infared camera scan, and a combustion safety test. Recieving a home energy audit is the first step in participating in the Fort Collins Utilities Rebate program.
Energy Advisors are trained professionals who are happy to:
Answer Questions about Improving the efficiency of your home
Discuss priorities for Energy Saving Opportunities
Review your Audit Report
Identify the best improvement opportunities based on your budget
Obtain and Review contractor’s bids
Discuss availible Rebates
Connect you with ON-bill financing opportunities

To be connected with an Energy Advisor or to learn more about the city sponsored rebate program, Please Contact Fort Collins Utilities at:

Your Home Energy Audit will include a report prioritizing the energy efficient improvements and availible rebates. This allows you to select the improvements that will be right for your family.

In order to be a participating contractor for the City of Fort Collins Utilities company, a contracting business must meet a few requirements. These include attendence of a two-hour orientation to familiarize the contractor with the rebate program and receive contractor resources. They must attend a training for the area in which they would like to be listed. Additionally, approved contractors must maintain accredidation with the Better Business Buereau as well as meeting the citiy’s standard insurance requirements.

To learn more about selecting a city approved contractor, you can utilize this tool:

Participating contractors can even submit the rebate application materials for you, making your home effiiciency project run as smoothly and easily as possible!

For more information about the Fort Collins Utilities Rebate Program, please contact the City of Fort Collins: (970) 212-2900
Or email:

To Schedule an audit or estimate with This Efficient House, Please Call (970) 204-9931 or email

Together, we can make your home energy Efficient, and keep your family warm and comfortable this weinter!