Air Sealing and Insulation

Residential efficiency starts with the building envelope. Our lead technicians are BPI or RESNET certified and use “blower-door” guided air sealing techniques to reduce air leakage and the resulting leakage reductions are verified. We know that for energy conservation efforts to be widely utilized our proposals must be economical and within reach of the average home owner.

Air sealing and insulation are usually the most cost-effective measures with the shortest payback period, especially in older homes. Newer homes with adequate levels of insulation benefit from attic air-sealing, where “top-plates” and all penetrations between the home and the attic, such as recessed lights and wiring or plumbing penetrations are sealed as well. We typically achieve leakage reductions from 25% to 40% sealing just the plane between the house and the attic.


Because we aim to achieve the highest “energy saved per dollar spent” possible, we sometimes recommend less insulation than our competitors as we see diminishing returns above R-40 insulation levels. Also it is possible to mistakenly overload drywall ceilings causing it to sag over time, with too much cellulose insulation which is heavier and denser than fiberglass.

The vast majority of our insulation products are made right here in Colorado, including GreenFiber Cellulose.


Typical problems we address include:

• Air Sealing and Insulating Attics including sealing top-plates and penetrations in attics before adding insulation to inadequate, compressed or disturbed insulation.

• “Drill and Fill” Wall Insulation for exterior walls, enclosed vaulted ceilings and “tuck-under” garage ceiling/bedroom floors and cantilevered floors. Un-insulated basement and garden level walls can be insulated as well.

• “Drill and Fill” Tuck-Under Garage Ceilings / Bedroom Floors

• Air Sealing and Insulating Crawlspaces and Basements including rim joists and exposed concrete walls and installing required radon/moisture barrier.

• Air Sealing and Insulating Unfinished Basement Walls or Finishing Basements

• Air Sealing and Insulating Cantilevered Floors

• In addition, we have the equipment to remove and dispose of old, ineffective and sometimes hazardous insulation.



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