Whole-House Fans

Whole-House Fans save huge amounts of expensive “peak” electricity and can reduce Air Conditioning use by 90% in Colorado, with the added benefit of dramatic reductions in green-house gas emissions.

We install both AirScape and Tamarack Whole-House Fans. Colorado has the ideal climate in which to substitute energy-intensive central air conditioning with a whole-house fan. The dry climate and large daily temperature swing allow home-owners to cool off the home every evening just in time for relaxing in the evening or comfortable sleeping. Remote controls and wall switch timers are available as well.


Prior to installing a whole-house fan, the attic must be adequately ventilated so that the fan can exhaust the hot air inside the home to the outside. We can calculate the necessary venting and install the additional roof vents, gable vents and soffit vents prior to installing the whole-house fan. Both of these brands are eligible for rebates from various municipalities and utility companies because they have energy efficient fan motors and insulated doors that open and close automatically.




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