Hot Water Heaters

We install Lochinvar and Bradford-White “direct-vent sealed combustion” tank water heaters. Bradford-White models offer both standard and ultra-high efficiency. We do not install atmospherically vented water heaters. Since they depend on air-leakage in the house for combustion air and have a tendency to fail “back drafting or spillage tests” when installed in fairly air-tight homes under both natural and worse-case conditions, they are a poor match for our customers. This condition exposes the occupants to potentially dangerous levels of combustion gases. As with all of the equipment we install, both brands are manufactured in the US. For comparison, the low-budget atmospherically vented GE brand waters sold at Home Depot are manufactured in Mexico.


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Warranty Details – BradfordWhite

10 Years Tank, 6 Years All Other Parts, 2 Years Labor

Warranty Details - Lochinvar

10 Years Tank, 6 Years All Other Parts, 2 Years Labor


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