Solar Power

Save money every month while you help save the planet!

• Did you know the cost of a typical system has decreased from $12 a watt in the year 2000 to only $4 per watt today? For a limited time, local rebates and federal tax credits can reduce the costs even further to as low as $2 per watt.

• When these incentives are added to monthly utility bill savings, solar power systems often pay for themselves in 10-years or less.

• After the breakeven point, your system will produce clean, renewable and best of all, FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS.

Enjoy peace of mind against the rising costs of electricity and know your investment is fully protected with a Full 25-year warranty.

• Residential solar power increases the appraised value of your home significantly.

• The average residential solar power system will produce as much clean, renewable electricity as 250,000 pounds of coal over the life of the system.



Investing in Solar is Easier than Ever!

• On-Bill Financing" on your Electric Bill

• Home Improvement Line of Credit

• Home Equity Loan

• Solar Specific Lenders

Example: 4,000 watt system = $16,000— $3,000 rebate—30% tax credit = $9,100, 20% down = $1800, Balance of $7,300 financed at 5% = $57 month for 15 years.


Efficiency First!

Did you know that when you bundle any qualifying energy-saving home improvement with solar you can claim a 30% tax credit for everything?

This Efficient House has been the leading energy retrofit contractor in Northern Colorado for over five years and we are the leading rebate producer by a wide margin. We offer complete energy retrofit installations, including;

• Air-Sealing / Insulation

• High-Efficiency Furnace / AC

• Replacement Windows

• Indoor Air Quality / Radon

Since 2009, over 1,000 home owners and small business owners have made their homes more efficient and comfortable with our help.

As an approved energy retrofit company, all of our customer enjoy the benefits of low-cost energy audits, post-improvement quality control inspections, and generous rebates.

We are the only contractor in Northern Colorado approved to install ALL energy retrofits that qualify for rebates!

The entire process, including; initial evaluation, rebate application and approval, permitting, roof-top installation of your panels and connecting your system to the electric grid will be completed in no more than eight weeks start to finish.

We offer free solar evaluations for residential and small commercial projects. We need only two key pieces of information to do fast, accurate calculations of annual electricity production and utility bill savings:

1. Your address, which we can then use to calculate the dimensions, exposure, pitch, and azimuth of your roof or lot.

2. Your "annual billing history", including kilowatt hours used and the actual dollar cost for the past year (up to 3 years if whenever possible).

Cost-Effective Solar Energy, Nothing but the Courage of Our Convictions



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