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Solar is Cheaper Than Natural Gas in Fort Collins & Loveland

After 30 years in the making the dream of cost effective renewable energy has become a reality.  The Platte River Power authority is now producing electricity cheaper with renewable energy like wind and solar than with fossil fuels.  As a Fort Collins based solar contractor, we are installing residential roof top solar panels for only $3 a watt.  When the total costs of a system (after the federal 30% solar tax credit) is divided by the kilowatt hours produced over the life of the system (25 year warranty) the cost works out to only 7 cents per kilowatt hour.  This is less than it cost to buy electricity from the grid and will save the average homeowner about $35,000 over the life of the system.  The Fort Collins solar rebate can bring the cost down further, although many customers elect to decline the rebate and retain their “renewable energy credits” (RECs) which may be worth more than the rebates someday in the near future.  You can call us at 970-204-9931 to schedule an evaluation of the solar production potential for your residence.  Keep in mind, at $3 a watt our schedule is filling up at a fairly brisk pace.  solar less gasNew Picture (11)