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This Efficient House offers dependable & affordable energy-code compliance services in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Northern Colorado. We serve builders who value our affordability, real world construction experience & quick turn-around time for testing and documentation. manual J, manual D, HVAC design

We help to create the added value that well designed & built homes deliver to our customers, namely healthy & efficient homes that deliver year-round comfort.HERS score

This Efficient House offersblower door test blower-door building tightness testing, HERS Scores and REMRate reports, Manual J and D HVAC design, and HVAC test-out and performance star construction

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Our newest Solar Panel Installation in Fort Collins

IMG_20160812_135659489IMG_20160811_115622057 Just finished up a new 5.8kw solar panel system in the Fort Collins PVREA service area. This system, which benefits from full sun all day and awesome orientation, will be making electricity for 7 cents a kilowatt hour for the next 25 years. That’s 22% cheaper than the retail rate from the electric utility. Although we didn’t get a rebate, even better, PVREA is net-metering the system at 9 cents a kilowatt hour. By the way, can you see Horsetooth Rock in the background?




Solar is Cheaper Than Natural Gas in Fort Collins & Loveland

After 30 years in the making the dream of cost effective renewable energy has become a reality.  The Platte River Power authority is now producing electricity cheaper with renewable energy like wind and solar than with fossil fuels.  As a Fort Collins based solar contractor, we are installing residential roof top solar panels for only $3 a watt.  When the total costs of a system (after the federal 30% solar tax credit) is divided by the kilowatt hours produced over the life of the system (25 year warranty) the cost works out to only 7 cents per kilowatt hour.  This is less than it cost to buy electricity from the grid and will save the average homeowner about $35,000 over the life of the system.  The Fort Collins solar rebate can bring the cost down further, although many customers elect to decline the rebate and retain their “renewable energy credits” (RECs) which may be worth more than the rebates someday in the near future.  You can call us at 970-204-9931 to schedule an evaluation of the solar production potential for your residence.  Keep in mind, at $3 a watt our schedule is filling up at a fairly brisk pace.  solar less gasNew Picture (11)

Fort Collins Home Energy Audit and Xcel Rebates

Do you have rooms that are hard to heat or cool? Get a $200 Rebate when you get a Home Energy Audit & Free Solar Evaluation with building air-leakage testing, infrared camera scans, heating & cooling system diagnostics and ductwork airflow tests. Like our page and share this post to win a free Home Energy Audit & Solar Power Evaluation! We’ll post the winner on our Facebook page. Just call 970-204-9931 to sign up today!My beautiful picture audit3 audit1IMG_20150212_132239813_HDR commercial flowplate OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Advanced Air Conditioner Commissioning cropped OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fort Collins – Loveland Home Energy Audit

This Efficient House Xcel Energy Award for Top Five Colorado Contractor

This Efficient House Xcel Energy Award for Top Five Colorado Contractor

The communities of Fort Collins, Loveland and Longmont collectively own our own power plant, the Rawhide Power Station, located north of Fort Collins. Operated by the non-profit member owned Platte River Power Authority, it is one of the cleanest in the nation in terms of emissions. In addition, customers have the option of participating in a well established and growing home energy audit and rebate program, called Efficiency Works.

The utility offer home energy audits and rebates for energy efficient improvements, like insulation, whole house fans, furnaces, replacement windows and solar power. The audits costs homeowners about $60. The actual cost of the audit is $385 and is funded by the rate payers. A comprehensive energy audit takes about 2 hours and includes a comprehensive report detailing priorities for energy savings and comfort issues.

Homeowners can then use approved contractors who have received mandatory training and meet strict requirements for participation in the program. Rebates usually offset the total costs of improvements by 15 to 50 percent. Nearly every project is inspected for quality of workmanship and materials.

The residential efficiency program has performed over 500 home energy audits a year for the past five years and more than half of those homeowners have chosen an approved contractor, completed a project and received a rebate for improvements including: insulation, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning, whole house fans, new windows and solar panels. The program grows every year.

A great place to start learning about the cutting edge of home energy efficiency and low-carbon climate control is our website:

Home Energy Audits and Efficiency Rebates for Insulation, Windows, Furnace, Solar, with Approved Contractors

Here are some useful links for Home Energy Audits and Rebates, for Insulation, Replacement Windows, Furnaces, and Solar Power, available from the following utilities when you hire an approved contractor in:

Platte river Power Authority, serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Estes Park:

Fort Collins:


Xcel Energy:


Laramie, Wyoming:

Cheyenne, Wyoming: panels pic2

Solar Rebates Going Fast!


30% Solar Rebates available up to $3,000.  Sign up before they’re gone!  We can have you running on solar in only eight weeks!


Greetings Northern Colorado Residents,


The Time to Go Solar is Now! 

Save money every month while you help save the planet!

Call us now to reserve your 2015 Fort Collins/Loveland Solar Rebate Application.

At $3,000 a piece and limited to the first 80 applicants, they’re going fast. 


  • Did you know the cost of a typical system has decreased from $12 a watt in the year 2000 to only $4 per watt today?
  • For a limited time, local rebates and federal tax credits can reduce the costs even further to as low as $2 per watt.
  • When these incentives are added to monthly utility bill savings, solar power often pays for itself in 10-years or less.
  • After the breakeven point, your system will produce clean, renewable and FREE ELECTRICITY for another 20 years!  
  • Enjoy peace of mind against the rising costs of electricity rates.
  • Your investment is fully protected with a Full 25-year warranty.
  • Residential solar power increases the appraised value of your home significantly.
  • The average residential solar power system will produce as much clean, renewable electricity as 250,000 pounds of coal over the life of the system.
  • When you bundle any qualifying energy-saving home improvement (like insulation, windows, new furnace or air-conditioner) with solar you can claim a 30% tax credit for everything
  • Investing in Solar is Easier than Ever, including these great options:


“On-Bill Financing” on your Electric Bill, Home Equity Loans, Home Improvement Lines of Credit,  and Solar Specific Lenders


(Example: 4,000 watt system = $16,000— $3,000 rebate—30% tax credit = $9,100,   20% down = $1800, Balance of $7,300 financed at 5% = $57 month for 15 years.)


  • The entire process, including; initial evaluation, rebate application and approval, permitting, roof-top installation of your panels and connecting your system to the electric grid will be completed in no more than eight weeks start to finish.
  • We offer free solar evaluations for residential and small commercial projects.   We need only two key pieces of information to do fast, accurate calculations of annual electricity production and utility bill savings:
  1. Your address, which we can then use to calculate the dimensions, exposure, pitch, and azimuth of your roof or lot.
  2. Your “annual billing history”, including kilowatt hours used and the actual dollar cost for the past year (up to 3 years if whenever possible).

Efficiency First!

Did you know that when you bundle any qualifying energy-saving home improvement with solar you can claim a 30% tax credit for everything?

This Efficient House has been the leading energy retrofit contractor in Northern Colorado for over five years and we are the leading rebate producer by a wide margin.   We offer complete energy retrofit installations, including:


Air-Sealing / Insulation, Replacement Windows, High-Efficiency Furnaces & Air Conditioners and Indoor Air Quality Systems for Radon and Moisture Control.



  • Since 2009, over 1,000 home owners and small business owners have made their homes more efficient and comfortable with our help.
  • As an approved energy retrofit company, all of our customer enjoy the benefits of low-cost energy audits, post-improvement quality control inspections, and generous rebates.
  • We are the only contractor in Northern Colorado approved to install ALL energy retrofits that qualify for rebates!

Cost-Effective Solar Energy and Efficiency, Nothing but the Courage of Our Convictions.


Energy Efficiency Audits Available at Low Costs: Protect your Home!

Are you aware that low cost energy efficiency audits are available to homeowners in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park?  Using energy efficiently is the best way to reduce your costs, make the world more sustainable, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  To achieve this goal Northern Colorado’s municipally owned utility companies collaborated with Efficiency Works™ to assist homeowners like you in energy upgrades, ranging from home audits to full remodels.

Whether you want to completely transform your home or simply add some insulation to your attic space, the first step is to enroll in an in-depth energy analysis for the low price of $60 with an energy adviser from Efficiency Works.  Not only will you receive a comprehensive audit for a fraction of the regular cost by enrolling with the Northern Colorado Efficiency Works program, but you will also be eligible for generous rebates on work you may choose to do on your home.   Set up your appointment to speak to an energy adviser today and get started.  We are happy to do business with you but we also want to help you get the most savings you deserve, and help make the right choices for you, your home and energy needs.  Efficiency Works helps to accomplish this through a non-biased partnership which offers oversight and manages your project start to finish.  Again, the very first step is through an energy efficiency audit!

Home energy efficiency audits cost $60 and include:

  • Whole-house visual inspection- this includes a walk-through of the home to inspect the entire building envelope for leakage, construction issues, appliance and energy usage.
  • Blower door test- the blower door is used to measure the air tightness of the home. It also measures airflow between building zones, to test duct work air tightness and to help physically locate air leakage sites in the building ..
  • Infrared camera scan- high resolution thermography is used so inspectors can identify potential issues within the building envelope by taking a thermal image of the various surfaces of a building. The auditor will analyze the patterns within the surface temperatures to identify heat transfer through convection, radiation, or conduction.
  • FREE installation of energy and water saving products include CFLs, LEDs, faucet aerators, low flow shower heads, and more.

To schedule yours today contact a specialist today at (970) 204-9931 or at


Congratulations to Fort Collins Utilities!

Making Energy Efficient Improvements to your home is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner, but sometimes these improvements can be cost prohibitive, and inconvenient. Fortunately, your Fort Collins Utility company is here to help! Fort Collins Utilities offer inclusive rebates to help make your home more comfortable at a fraction of the market cost! This program has been so successful, in fact, that the Northern Colorado Business Report has just announced that the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project has awarded Fort Collins Utilities with the Energy Efficiency Leadership Award for its, “Highly Effective energy efficiency programs that are exceeding energy savings goals.”

In order to be eligible for the Home Energy Efficiency program, you must be a Fort Collins Utility Electric customer. You must have first completed a home energy audit. Your home must be a single-family home or a townhome. Multifamily homes are not included in the rebate program. Because home installations are NOT eligible for a rebate, all work must be completed by a city approved contractor. Improvements on new construction such as in additions or remodels, typically do not qualify for rebates, with a few exceptions. For more information about the Fort Collins Utilities rebate program, Please visit:

Or call the friendly professionals at This Efficient House to schedule and energy audit or estimate!

Home Energy Audit
A home energy audit is the best way to determine the levels of performance for your home. During the test, the building shell is examined as the technician depressurizes your home using a blower door and then walks through with an infrared camera. The blower door exagerates the leaky portions of the house, and the camera makes them visible. Qualified technicians will provide you with a report that outlines the areas of improvement that are specific to your home including reccommendations about areas of highest to lowest priority!
A home energy audit is a wonderful place to start when considering energy-efficient improvements to make to your home, and can help inform your decision making process. The home energy audit that is conducted by a city approved contractor includes a blower door test, an infared camera scan, and a combustion safety test. Recieving a home energy audit is the first step in participating in the Fort Collins Utilities Rebate program.
Energy Advisors are trained professionals who are happy to:
Answer Questions about Improving the efficiency of your home
Discuss priorities for Energy Saving Opportunities
Review your Audit Report
Identify the best improvement opportunities based on your budget
Obtain and Review contractor’s bids
Discuss availible Rebates
Connect you with ON-bill financing opportunities

To be connected with an Energy Advisor or to learn more about the city sponsored rebate program, Please Contact Fort Collins Utilities at:

Your Home Energy Audit will include a report prioritizing the energy efficient improvements and availible rebates. This allows you to select the improvements that will be right for your family.

In order to be a participating contractor for the City of Fort Collins Utilities company, a contracting business must meet a few requirements. These include attendence of a two-hour orientation to familiarize the contractor with the rebate program and receive contractor resources. They must attend a training for the area in which they would like to be listed. Additionally, approved contractors must maintain accredidation with the Better Business Buereau as well as meeting the citiy’s standard insurance requirements.

To learn more about selecting a city approved contractor, you can utilize this tool:

Participating contractors can even submit the rebate application materials for you, making your home effiiciency project run as smoothly and easily as possible!

For more information about the Fort Collins Utilities Rebate Program, please contact the City of Fort Collins: (970) 212-2900
Or email:

To Schedule an audit or estimate with This Efficient House, Please Call (970) 204-9931 or email

Together, we can make your home energy Efficient, and keep your family warm and comfortable this weinter!