Energy Efficiency Audits Available at Low Costs: Protect your Home!

Are you aware that low cost energy efficiency audits are available to homeowners in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park?  Using energy efficiently is the best way to reduce your costs, make the world more sustainable, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  To achieve this goal Northern Colorado’s municipally owned utility companies collaborated with Efficiency Works™ to assist homeowners like you in energy upgrades, ranging from home audits to full remodels.

Whether you want to completely transform your home or simply add some insulation to your attic space, the first step is to enroll in an in-depth energy analysis for the low price of $60 with an energy adviser from Efficiency Works.  Not only will you receive a comprehensive audit for a fraction of the regular cost by enrolling with the Northern Colorado Efficiency Works program, but you will also be eligible for generous rebates on work you may choose to do on your home.   Set up your appointment to speak to an energy adviser today and get started.  We are happy to do business with you but we also want to help you get the most savings you deserve, and help make the right choices for you, your home and energy needs.  Efficiency Works helps to accomplish this through a non-biased partnership which offers oversight and manages your project start to finish.  Again, the very first step is through an energy efficiency audit!

Home energy efficiency audits cost $60 and include:

  • Whole-house visual inspection- this includes a walk-through of the home to inspect the entire building envelope for leakage, construction issues, appliance and energy usage.
  • Blower door test- the blower door is used to measure the air tightness of the home. It also measures airflow between building zones, to test duct work air tightness and to help physically locate air leakage sites in the building ..
  • Infrared camera scan- high resolution thermography is used so inspectors can identify potential issues within the building envelope by taking a thermal image of the various surfaces of a building. The auditor will analyze the patterns within the surface temperatures to identify heat transfer through convection, radiation, or conduction.
  • FREE installation of energy and water saving products include CFLs, LEDs, faucet aerators, low flow shower heads, and more.

To schedule yours today contact a specialist today at (970) 204-9931 or at